What is Vixster?

Vixster is a waste and recycling collection service that provides weekly and/or bi-weekly pickup for hundreds of customers across the High Country. We focus our business services on providing convenient, reliable service to rural citizens who have to deal with waste and recycling themselves.

Vixster was founded in February of 2016 by Zak Ammar. Noticing a critical need for more trash and recycling services in the High Country and surrounding areas, Zak set out to design a way in which community members who did not have access to city trash and recycling pickups could enjoy the convenience of curbside pickup at competitive and affordable prices.

Rural residents struggle with finding the time and ability to transport their own trash and recycling to convenience centers. Convenience centers are often called “inconvenient,” but act as centralized locations for rural residents to dispose of their waste. Vixster is the solution to this problem; offering weekly and/or bi-weekly waste and recycling collection pickup service pickup for hundreds of customers across the High Country at the click of a button.